how to Voice-to-text not working on iPhone 6

Voice-to-text not working on iPhone 6
Voice-to-text not working on iPhone 6

Voice-to-text not working on iPhone 6 – The “Hey Siri” feature allows you to activate your iPhone with your voice. “Hey Siri” is a feature of iOS 8 and has been updated on iOS 9, this feature will activate your Siri using your own voice. Interesting right? Let’s try the advanced features of “Hey Siri” voice ID.

The first thing you should pay attention to, is:

  • Make sure your iPhone firmware has been updated to iOS 8 or iOS 9
  • If you have never used Hey Siri before, you will be asked to train the system to recognize your voice before you activate this feature
  • If you have already tried it, try to turn it off first, then reactivate it, to be able to retrain the system on your iPhone

How to Voice-to-text not working on iPhone 6

If everything is fulfilled, follow the steps below to activate “Hey Siri” Voice ID:

1. Open the settings menu from your home screen.

2. Select General.

3. Then select Siri.

turn on voice to text iPhone

If the Allow “Hey Siri” button is off, slide it to the on position
If Allow “Hey Siri” is on, slide it off and return it to the on position

4. Then, select the Set Up Now menu. When the image appears as below.

5. Now, say “Hey Siri!” When requested by the system.

6. Then repeat, say Hey Siri! When requested.

7. Say Hey Siri! One more time when requested by the system again.

8. After that, say “Hey Siri, how’s the weather?” When prompted

9. Say Hey Siri, that’s me! When asked

10. If you have, an image like this will appear indicating that the Siri Siri has been successfully set

11. Press Done. Done!

Now, when your iPhone is charging, say “Hey Siri” to activate Siri remotely with your own voice. This feature will be useful for you who want to ask Siri to make voice calls or even play songs directly from your iPhone