how to turn off iphone 8 frozen screen

how to turn off iphone 8 frozen screen
how to turn off iphone 8 frozen screen

how to turn off iphone 8 frozen screen – By default, the iPhone is designed to turn off the screen after a certain amount of time is not used to be able to save battery power. This is not a new feature but it cannot be denied that it is very useful. But sometimes you might want to be able to completely turn off your iPhone. Then how do you turn off the iPhone cellphone?

Turning off the iPhone is very necessary and is also very helpful when the battery level is very low. Another reason to turn off your iPhone is when the smartphone shows signs of error. The process of rebooting is often the ideal solution to resolve such problems. In addition, turning off the iPhone can also be used as a way to get your own time without any interruption from notifications and incoming calls.

how to turn off iphone 8

below I will describe the steps that need to be known to turn off your iPhone. This technique can be applied to almost all iPhone models, ranging from the old to the latest release.

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until you see a message that appears on the screen.
  • The message contains a confirmation to turn off the iPhone along with a button that you can swipe right to turn off the iPhone.
  • Finally a spinning circle will appear indicating that the iPhone is processing and will immediately die within a few seconds later.

Note: If you do not immediately move the switch to turn off which appears after you hold the power button, then your iPhone will automatically cancel the process. But if you want to cancel the process, you can press the Cancel button.