How to Reset LG phone due to System error

How to Reset LG phone
How to Reset LG phone

How to Reset LG phone due to System error or Forgot Password – For LG android smartphone owners, who are experiencing errors on systems such as Bootloop, the system on Android Lemot is unresponsive or has forgotten a password or Pattern to enter the main menu, it is necessary to do so called Hard Reset or often referred to as recovery reset.

Reset LG Phone system must be seen first what the problem is, so later the reset options that are used between the 2 options can be maximized and in accordance with its purpose.

Hard reset (factory reset) LG Android phones and other brands of Android phones are generally accompanied by several options to reset the system settings with an intermediary User interface when the phone is on and can also be done when booting mode before the system enters the main screen.

Of course it would be another way if the LG android phone experiences bootloop or the term just comes out the logo when it is turned on then wants to reset the system, then it won’t be able to do a hard reset via the settings menu because the system hasn’t entered the main screen.

So, if your LG phone can still turn on and enter the main screen and can access the settings menu, then the reset option can be done easily. However, if your LG cellphone cannot enter the system and only the LG logo appears, it must be reset by entering recovery mode.

how to factory reset LG phone

This method you can do when the phone can still be turned on and enter the settings menu.

1. Enter the Settings menu> General

2. Then in the menu enter the Backup & Reset option

3. Then select the ‘Factory data reset’ option

4. Then on the button below, press ‘Reset Phone’

5. In the display that opens press the ‘Delete all tombol button

6. Wait until the process is complete and later the LG cellphone will restart automatically and the process is complete

These tips can be done when your LG cellphone is experiencing Bootloop or just showing the Logo, or forgetfulness of the Pattern / PIN lock to unlock the screen.

1. Turn off your LG cellphone, then press the Volume down button and the power button together, don’t let go first

2. Then after the LG logo appears please release the power button briefly then push again

3. After the factory data reset screen appears, please release all buttons

4. Select the ‘YES’ option to reset the LG cellphone, use the volume buttons for navigation and the power button to execute commands

5. Wait for the process to succeed and the phone will restart automatically.

With 2 ways to reset LG Phone above the system will be able to recover again, but if after doing a reset it turns out that an error still occurs then the LG firmware firmware can be flashing again so the system returns fresh.