How to fix no service on iphone 7 issues

How to fix no service on iphone 7 issues
How to fix no service on iphone 7 issues

How to fix no service on iphone 7 issues – Some recent iPhone problems are that the iPhone shows a lost signal or the iPhone network has no service, no service signal, and continuous searching. Problems also arise after updating iOS on the iPhone. Is it true that an iOS upgrade caused iPhone signals to disappear?

IPhone signal problems are lost and the network does not have these services could be due to several factors. One of them is a software error. If there is a software error in the iOS operating system, then how to fix the iPhone signal problem is quite easy.

how to fix no service on iphone 7 issues

Reset Your Network Settings on your iPhone 7

(Note: This will delete the WiFi password stored on your device, so remember to reconnect to WiFi after this step)

Go to Settings> General then tap Reset
Select Reset Network Settings

You will then see the Apple logo and your phone will restart and try to reconnect to the network

If you still don’t get the service, go to Settings> Operator and disable Auto.

The iPhone will then start searching for networks, and will display all the networks available in your area. Make sure you choose your own operator (e.g. Telus, AT&T, 02).

If your iPhone 7 doesn’t get any service after trying to connect to the network manually and reset your network settings. The next step is to make sure your iPhone is up to date. Go to Settings> General> Software Updates and make any updates that might be available.

The final step is to do a full backup / restore of your iPhone.

For a complete guide on how to back up / restore your iPhone, click here.
If the problem persists, consider checking your iPhone by Apple Tech