How to fix no mobile data or internet on a Android

How to fix no mobile data or internet on a Android
How to fix no mobile data or internet on a Android

How to fix no mobile data or internet on a Android – The more widespread the use of android-based gadgets, the need for internet access is also higher.

For android phone owners, if there is no internet service then it’s the same as not being able to live.

Even the last few times, all aspects of life can not be separated from the role of the internet.

Therefore if there is no internet it will be very troublesome. The most common smartphone users experience is that cellular data does not appear.

Internet access is usually obtained from a WiFi network. In addition to the wifi data package provided by almost all cellular operators it is also a source of internet access that can be used.

Unfortunately, to be able to access the internet with a data plan or commonly referred to as cellular data sometimes also experiences several obstacles. One of them is the problem of cellular data not appearing.

So what causes this problem and how can you overcome if cellular data suddenly disappears? The following explanation.

How to fix no mobile data or internet on a Android

Activate Airplane Mode

One cause of cellular data that is lost or does not appear is due to interference with the cellular operator.

Therefore, the first way you can deal with cellular data not appearing on Android is to activate airplane mode.

Activate this airplane mode for a few minutes, then turn off and see the changes.

Create a New APN

The second way to overcome cellular data that cannot appear is to create a new APN.


  • Enter the settings menu (settings).
  • If you have selected the mobile networks sub menu.
  • Then select Access Point Name (APN).
  • Then select the “New APN” menu and enter the new APN according to the provider you are using.
  • Finally, press the back button and see whether the cellular data has appeared.

Do a Hard Reset

This last way can be an alternative way if the cause of your cellular data isn’t appearing is due to software damage or something is wrong with the system on your Android.

Therefore, to overcome this, you must do a hard reset. You can also do a hard reset yourself by selecting the “Android recovery mode” menu in the settings menu.

Other ways you can use are:

  • Press the power and volume down buttons together for a few moments until the recovery mode menu appears on your screen.
  • After entering recovery mode, select the sub menu “clear all data and cache”.
  • If so, reboot your phone and wait for the phone to turn on again and see the changes.

Or you can also do it by:

  • Go settings (settings).
  • After that select Backup and reset (backup and reset).
  • Then select “factory data reset / restore hp to factory settings” (factory data reset).
  • Then there will be given directions to do a factory reset, follow it.
  • Furthermore, it will restart by itself, when doing a factory reset it can take a long time to restart the cellphone so wait, don’t panic.

Cellular data as a marker of internet access on the device you are using is inseparable from using a smartphone.

On Samsung’s own cell phone there is a data warning that lets users know when to stop using the internet.