how to fix iphone xr that won’t turn on

iphone xr won’t turn on
iphone xr won’t turn on

how to fix iphone xr that won’t turn on – Different types of technology all have their own time or time. It is impossible for any technology item or device to have a very long life without experiencing slack or hang or certain problems. Likewise, the iPhone, the product output of the US superpower company is also often experiencing problems to death total.

This time I will review about How to Turn on a totally dead iPhone xr with a variety of methods without a hassle. If you experience something like this, don’t need to worry or panic first. Let’s look at the following so you know the situation!

Cause iphone not turning on

Many causes why the iPhone can die completely. Among others are

Failed when upgrading IOS
iPhone crashed
The iPhone cannot be charged
Jailbreak device

There are many more causes of the iPhone that died totally. To fix this, there is a solution to overcome this

how to fix iphone xr that won’t turn on

Restart or press the power button

The first thing to do if your iPhone suddenly dies is to examine it carefully. To do this, just hold the Hold button in the top right corner on the edge of the phone for about 10 seconds. If it’s not already on, try repeating again. After that the iPhone screen will blink and soon the Apple logo will appear. If the iPhone can resume normal operation, it is recommended to restart the iPhone so that the existing features can work normally.

Press the Hold and Home buttons

If the iPhone cannot be restarted, try this method as an alternative. Press the Hold button and the Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. If possible, you can press it for 20 or 30 seconds. In many cases, it is guaranteed to be able to revive an iPhone that died suddenly.

Charge your iPhone

There are a number of cases, the iPhone suddenly dies and cannot be turned back on because the battery power is very low. That’s because the iPhone utilizes the remaining battery power to secure data and settings. For that, charge the iPhone battery via the charger adapter or plug it into the computer’s USB port. But if the iPhone battery is completely empty, it is recommended to charge via the charger adapter.

Restore iPhone

If the method above is not optimal, sometimes the best solution to do is to restore the iPhone to factory settings. This will erase all data and settings on the iPhone. This step is guaranteed to solve many problems. Usually, you just simply synchronize your iPhone and click the Restore button via iTunes. But if the iPhone doesn’t work, you need the technique below.

– Plug the iPhone USB cable into the dock connector, not to your computer
– Hold the Home button for a few seconds
– After that plug the USB cable into the computer
– This step will open iTunes, position the iPhone to recovery mode, and allow us to restore the iPhone to factory settings.

Go to the Sevice Center

After doing the methods and tips above but still no results aka zero, then we only recommend to bring your iPhone to the official iPhone service center. Maybe your iPhone has a hardware failure and is not possible to reach it or repair it.

That’s a review of how to fix iphone xr won’t turn on are totally dead with various methods without being complicated. Good luck and hopefully useful!