How to fix iPhone 6 screen frozen and unresponsive

iphone screen is frozen
iphone screen is frozen

How to fix iPhone 6 screen frozen and unresponsive – You may have found that the iPhone’s touchscreen moves on its own, when you try to touch the iPhone screen like swipe or tap on the screen but nothing happens. This indicates that the iPhone’s touchscreen is not functioning which causes it cannot be touched or respond to touch.

Even though there are many advantages of the iPhone compared to other smartphones such as Android OS-based smart phones, the iPhone’s touch screen can also be damaged or not functioning, I’m sure you can still use iPhone buttons such as the Home, Power, Siri, Voice Commands, or Volume buttons.

Actually, there are several causes of the iPhone’s touch screen not functioning like software or anything else so when trying to touch it there is no recipe from the touch given.

If you have just bought an iPhone or other Apple product (MacBook, Apple desktop computer, Apple Watch) and there is still a guarantee, you might prefer to directly claim it at the nearest official store.

But, what happens if Apple’s official guarantee has expired?

Well, those of you who have problems with the iPhone’s touch screen do not respond or do not function when touched, be it iPhone 4 / 4s, iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X or other types of iPhones. Even though you have tried to force the iPhone to restart, please try seven easy ways to fix the iPhone’s touchscreen without the need to take it to Apple Authorized Reseller or the following service location.

How to fix iPhone 6 screen frozen and unresponsive

There are a number of ways you can try to deal with the iPhone’s touch screen not functioning or not responding when touched. You do not need to bring it to Apple’s official service to overcome this, you can just restore the iPhone, the touch screen can be fixed.

1. Clean the Touch Screen

How to overcome the iPhone’s touchscreen that does not respond or function the first is to clean the iPhone’s screen and make sure your hands are clean before giving a touch on the iPhone’s touchscreen. If there is a hard case, screen protector or iPhone bumper, remove it first.

After removing the iPhone case or screen protector, prepare a soft cloth and then start cleaning the iPhone screen by gently wiping the soft cloth from top to bottom until there is no liquid, dirt, or food on the iPhone’s touch screen. Dirt or other objects on the iPhone screen can cause the touch screen to move on its own.

Likewise with the hand, or pen that will be used on the iPhone’s touchscreen, make sure it is dry or not wet when using it.

2. Hard Restart (Hard Reboot) iPhone

How to fix the iPhone touch screen that does not respond or function the second is to restart the iPhone. How to hard restart or hard reboot the iPhone is quite easy, depending on the iPhone model you are using.

You who also have problems with the iPhone camera malfunctioning can also be overcome by force iPhone restart (hard reboot).

  • iPhone 6 and previous models: Press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  • iPhone 7 and above models: Press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time a few seconds until the Apple logo appears.

After restarting the iPhone, you will likely find that the touch screen is as good as I’ve experienced too.

3. Full iPhone Capacity

One reason for the iPhone’s touch screen is not functioning or responding because iOS storage capacity is running out or almost full.

To check the iPhone’s storage capacity, run the Settings application then tap General – Storage & Usage – Manage Storage. Make sure there is free space of about hundreds of MB or if necessary up to one GB.

You must delete some iOS applications that are no longer used to increase storage capacity. Storage is almost full due to some iPhone applications such as Facebook, Instragram, Twitter which store cache files while we install and use.

After uninstalling the iOS application, double check the available storage space then restart your iPhone.

4. Update and Remove Applications

Some iPhone touch screen problems that don’t respond I’ve encountered are due to applications. So, not a broken touch screen.

When you try to run an application then the application stops automatically (freeze) and the main page appears. If you find this, you should update the application first before running it again.

But if you have updated the application in the App Store but still meet the iOS iphone screen is frozen so that it does not respond to touch then you must delete the iPhone application.