How to fix hotspots on the iPhone does not work

hotspots on the iPhone does not work
hotspots on the iPhone does not work

How to fix hotspots on the iPhone does not work – One excellent feature on the iPhone is the ease of tethering or sharing an internet connection using Personal Hotspot. But what if the Personal Hotspot feature is missing on your iPhone / iOS?

There were complaints from friends who said that iphone hotspot not working. Even I experienced it on the iPhone that I just bought!

although personal hotspot on iphone not working, you can restore that feature very easily. I even managed to restore the lost Personal Hotspot on my iPhone.

Personal hotspot not working iphone

1: Fill in and Equate APN

This is the way that I used and proved successful in returning the can’t connect to iphone hotspot. The trick is to fill in and match the contents of the APN settings in the Cellular Data APN column and the APN Personal Hotspot column.

Go to Settings> Cellular> Celular Data Options> Cellular Data Network

After that, just fill in and match the APN on Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot.

Now all that’s left is back, and Personal Hotspot will appear and be ready to use. If it doesn’t appear, restart the iPhone.

NB: For APN settings, each cellular operator is different. You can browse or just contact the mobile operator for more information about the mobile internet APN settings on the iPhone.

2: Reset iPhone Network

After reconfiguring APN also still not working? Maybe you can try to reset the iOS network. Yes, all network-related settings will be reset as before.

You do not need to worry about the data in the iPhone, because resetting the iPhone network settings will not erase all data on the iPhone such as photos, contacts, and so on.

3: Reset iOS

If the network reset process still cannot bring up the missing personal hotspot, another way you can try is to reset iOS. But this time, all data on your iPhone will be lost.

Before resetting iOS, make sure you have backed up important data on your iPhone so that all lost data can be returned to the iPhone

4: Restore iPhone

If the iOS reset process is still unable to resolve the missing personal hotspot problem, the last way you should do is restore your iPhone. Just like resetting iOS, restore iPhone will also erase all data on the iPhone.

The restore process will involve iTunes software as well as an internet connection. Make sure you are ready with everything

Do you have other tips? If you have experienced a hotspots on the iPhone does not work and managed to restore it in addition to the 4 ways above, please share these tips in the comments column