how to fix home button not working iphone 6s

how to fix home button not working iphone 6s
how to fix home button not working iphone 6s

how to fix home button not working iphone 6s – When the gadget that we have only has one main button, of course we can be made dizzy if the button is damaged or does not function normally.

An example is the iPhone product. The main button below the screen is very vulnerable to damage.

Maybe some users regret why the average iPhone design like that. But this is no longer a significant problem.

Some guidelines below you can try to overcome the problems that appear on the iPhone’s main button. For those of you whose iPhone devices are still fine, some of these methods can also be applied so that the iPhone button can be durable and not be damaged quickly.

how to fix home button not working iphone 6s

1. Calibrate the Home Button

The Home button on the iPhone is the most important part. If the home button is broken, then your iPhone will not be used anymore. However, it turns out there is a way to easily calibrate the Home button.

The Home button will become hard on using for too long or not functioning intact because of its position which may be tilted.

Here’s how to calibrate the Home button:

  • Run any application, hold down the Power button until ** Slide To Power Off ** appears. Just leave the writing.
  • Then, release the Power button.
  • Now, press the Home button slowly, not too hard and hold it back to the home screen. Do not remove until successful.
  • Now try pressing the Home button again, is there a difference?

Perform the steps above if your Home button has started to stiff. If the above method does not work or the Home button is still stiff, most likely the button is already damaged.

2. Tuning iPhone Connector

The duration of use on the iPhone can interfere with the Home button function. This problem can also be caused by charger connectors that are often installed and disconnected at long intervals.

As a result of these connectors most likely the Home button will shift or tilt.

To fix the Home button, simply plug the connector into the iPhone, then gently press the connector up. This method can force the Home button to rise to the top until it can function normally again.

3. Restore iPhone

Restoring an iPhone can be the solution to fix the most common problems. In particular, to overcome the Home button problem that often lags or feels slow. Before restoring, make sure important data or files are backed up first.

4. Clean the Home Button

Another problem that is most likely to occur is the Home button is not functioning normally due to a pile of dust or dirt. Clean the surface of the Home button and its surroundings using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

This method can make the Home button clean and most likely can make the key function return to normal.

5. Twist and Spin

This method is obtained from one member in a Mac forum. Simply place the iPhone on the surface, then press the Home button hard and rotate the iPhone clockwise. This method is quite extreme, but it never hurts to try.

6. On-Screen Home Button

If all of the above have been done and the Home button still doesn’t work, try the way below to activate the Home button function on the iPhone screen. The way to go to Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> select Assistive Touch.

Activate Assistive Touch and then a small circle will appear on the iPhone screen. Through these features, we can control the volume function, screen lock, and add some applications or other favorite features.

7. Replacing the Home Button

The most effective way is to replace the Home button that has been damaged. You can change the spare part of the Home button yourself or bring it to a service provider if you don’t want to be complicated.

8. Jailbreak

By doing a jailbreak we can add functionality and use tweaks provided by Cydia. The jailbreak function can help reduce our dependency and intensity in using the Home button.

Because iPhone devices that have long been used usually have problems with the Home button, then using Zephyr tweaks can overcome problems that often occur, especially on the iPhone’s home button.