how to block a number on the All iphone

how to block a number on the All iphone
how to block a number on the All iphone

how to block a number on the All iphone – Blocking phone numbers is one of the main features of any phone and the same applies to the iPhone. This feature is very important too and rightly so, especially when you really want to not accept or ignore someone’s call or message. There are instances when you really feel disturbed from calls, especially from people who are not known, are unknown yet known after so many calls and want to stay away from the perpetual motion of the problem.

In such circumstances, this feature on the iPhone can be very helpful. This really allows you to limit the communication received from the outside world. What’s more relieving is that you can in a few easy steps block contacts or numbers. If you want to know how to block unknown numbers on your iPhone, you are certainly in the right place. This article provides you with ways to add contacts to the block list or block unknown numbers on the iPhone. Well, here is how you can do it.

how to block a number on the All iphone

How to add number to the block list?

There are several times someone in your contact, you will want to block. That’s where you can use the blocked list to add contacts directly from the contact list. Adding contacts to a blocked list is always easy and here is how you can do it.

These steps are to block numbers that have been added to contacts.

Step 1: Open “Settings” and then press on “Telephone” followed by “Blocking and Identification Calls”. Now press on “Block Contact” and when you press on “Block Contact”, “All Contacts” window will appear.

Step 2: In the “All Contacts” window, you can scroll by name. Tap on the name of the contact you want to block. You will be taken back to the blocked list window where your chosen contact’s name will appear has been added to the blocked contact list.

Contacts can also be blocked from “Settings” selecting either Message or Facetime and then moving forward with the above mentioned steps.

How to block numbers that are not saved as contacts?

Although this is a way in which you can add contacts to a blocked list, you can also add phone numbers that are not in your contacts directly to the blocked list. Here is how you can block numbers that are not saved as contacts on the iPhone.

Step 1: To block numbers that are not present in your contact list on the iPhone, go to the “Phone application” and press on “Latest”.

Step 2: Once you are in the “Latest” call log, find the number you want to block and press on the blue “i” in the circle that is present to the right of the number. After you tap “i”, scroll down and at the bottom of the contact card, you will find the “Block Caller’s” option. Now, confirm the operation by pressing on “Block Contact”. The amount will be added to the Blocked list and it is done.