How to backup and restore LG smartphone

How to backup and restore LG smartphone
How to backup and restore LG smartphone

How to backup and restore LG smartphone – There are many factors that sometimes make the data on a smartphone disappear from application data, phone files or contact numbers to photos and videos. If this happens, of course you will feel very resentful.To overcome this, one way that needs to be done is to implement a data backup procedure.

By implementing this data backup method on your smartphone you will be able to have a copy of the data on your cellphone. We herewith provide complete information for you on how to backup LG smartphone data that is right for you to implement. Check the information below!

How to backup and restore All LG smartphone

You are using an LG G2 smartphone, there are several ways to backup data that you can apply. Below is what procedure and how to backup data is right for you to apply.

The first way we will try to implement a data backup procedure is to use Google data backup. This method utilizes the backup and reset feature in the settings menu. All android phones certainly have this feature. The easiest way if you want to backup passwords, preferences, application data and so on. Later the backup file will be synchronized with a google account so if you want to recover the file earlier, just log in to the phone with the google account that you use to backup.

The methods are as follows:

  • First you enter the settings menu then select personal and backup and reset.
  • Next, enable my data backup
  • Then return to the settings menu and select personal account and sync
  • Next login with the google account that you use on your android phone. Perform the synchronization process with google backup.
  • Next will appear a list of data that can be backed up. Choose only if necessary or all if you want to be safe.
  • Wait a few moments until the synchronization process is complete.

This method has the advantage of being easy and hassle-free. You also don’t need root access, you don’t need a computer or PC to backup. But there is one drawback that some types of files, games, photos and music can not be backed up.

Besides you can use the method of data backup using Google data backup, the next way that you can also apply is to implement data backup using a data backup application that you can download on the Play Store. One application is Easy backup and restore. Here is how to use this easy backup and restore application to backup your data.

  • The first step you first download the application on the Google Play Store.
  • Install and run the application and later you will be asked to make a backup. Choose yes.
  • Then choose what data you want to backup. Check the data that you want to backup and select OK.
  • Then select the storage location. If you want to backup data to cloud services such as dropbox, gmail, one drive and so on then you are required to sign in first to the account. If you choose SD card, select the storage folder.
  • Also specify the file name or file name that is left default is also no problem.
  • Then choose OK to backup. Wait a few moments until the process is complete where the processing time itself depends on the amount of data.