How To Activate Ok Google On All Android Phones

how to activate ok google
how to activate ok google

How to activate Google OK on an Android mobile phone is still not widely known by some people, even though this feature is very familiar to smartphone users. Surely you’ve all seen the OK Google ad on the TV screen?

OK Google is a powerful feature like Siri on the iPhone, which allows users to type with voice commands. We can also give commands on smartphones to perform certain functions, just by saying it. For example sending WhatsApp messages to friends.

Thanks to the presence of Ok Google, user activity on smartphones has become easier, more practical and faster. Immediately listened to how to activate OK Google on the following android mobile.

Terms for being able to use Ok Google features

  1. Google Apps applications that are on Android phones at least above version 3.5. If you don’t have it, please update Google Aps first in Playstore.
  2. Android phone must have a minimum OS Kitkat 4.4.
  3. Turn on Voice and Audio Activity.

How to Activate OK google on Android

  1. Open Google Apps
  2. Select the Settings menu
  3. Select the Voice menu. In the Language sub-menu, select Indonesian and English. Check both.
  4. Click the “Ok Google” Detection menu, then activate the selection from the Google application and from any screen.
  5. After you activate the option From any screen, then you will be told to say “Ok Google”.
  6. The goal is for the device to recognize your type of voice.
    Done, now you have successfully activated the OK Google feature.

If you activate the menu from the Google application, then you can only give voice commands every time you open Google Apps.

How to Resolve Problems Can Not Activate OK Google

Check the android cellphone microphone

Before getting into a technical problem, it would be nice if you check the microphone function on an android phone first. Is it still functioning normally or not. If the microphone hole looks dirty, try cleaning using a cutton bud.

Check the language settings again

As I have said above, in the Voice menu, then in the Language sub-menu, please set it to English and Indonesian. Check both, so that Google Assistant responds to every voice command you give.

Turn off Bixby and S Voice

This method is specifically for Samsung smartphone users, because the OK Google feature will usually crash with the Bixby or S Voice application. You have to deactivate one of the applications.

Find and hold the S Voice or Bixby application icon, then select the disable option.

Reset google assistant settings

If all the above methods still do not work, please reset the Google Assistant settings back to normal.

First please open Google Apps, then click the Settings menu, then Voice, and select the “Ok Google” Detection option. In the “Ok Google” Voice Model option, please select Delete voice model. If it is successful, please reset it via the option Retrain voice model.

Alright, I think it’s enough to post here first about how to activate OK Google on an Android phone. Hopefully the above review can help overcome the problem of OK Google error on your cellphone.